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About this Dataset

Resource Type Dataset
Unique Code 2797
Resource Kind MapDigital
Maintenance Frequency AsNeeded
Access Constraints No restriction
Use Constraints Copyright
Price Category PriceCategory-001
Resource Format(s) Shapefile
DataQualityStatement Dataset covers the whole LMB, and extend beyond LMB to cover the whole country for Cambodia and Lao PDR. Roads are located in the correct country. Some records are not complete.
ProcessDescription AREA : IN THE LOWER MEKONG BASIN INCLUDING: - Cambodia (whole country, incl non-LMB part) - Laos (whole country, incl non-LMB part) - Thailand (LMB part) - Vietnam (LMB part); SOURCE DATA SET : ARC/INFO coverage most recent file in coverage date time TLCVRONO (not included) 05/11/98 13:03 CAMRONO (not included) 08/12/97 14:14 LAORONO (not included) 04/06/97 11:41; SOURCE AGENCY : Mekong River Commission Data sets; GENERATION : Dataset was created by MRCS; STATUS : Last updated: Compiled and adjusted by Christoph Feldkoetter with data from MRCS (base data) and FCMP Completion status: 100 %; COMMENTS : Original name was 'road', renamed by WSCP and converted to Arc/Info Workstation coverage from ArcView shapefile; FORMAT : line ARC ATTRIBUTE TABBLE (aat) ID ID number ROAD_NO road numbers originally used by MRC, partly modified 1 .. TL59 road numbers 999 road numbers not available (includes railways) ID_OLD 11 n ID originally used by MRCS TSU, not modified TYPE road type 1, 2, 4 national road 5 provincial road 6 railway 9 other road (cart track, footpath) LOC location 1 inside LMB 2 outside LMB COUNTRY country 1 Cambodia 2 Laos 3 Thailand 4 Vietnam Additional information id 11 n linked to road_no (see road.lut) 11000: ARCs manually added by CF during editing road_no 8 c used by MRCS TSU, slightly modified (see dir.log) color 3 n used by MRCS TSU, not modified id_old 11 n ID originally used by MRCS TSU, not modified type 3 n according to the 1998 1:1,500,000 japanese "Map of the Mekong Basin and its Surroundings" 1: Asian Highway, bold 2: Asian Highway, narrow 3: Expressway (applied in developed areas only) 4: Highway (national road and principal road) 5: Main Road (provincial road, paved and unpaved) 6: Railway 9: Other Road (cart track, footpath) loc 2 n location 1: inside LMB 2: outside LMB country 2 n location 1: cam 2: lao 3: tha 4: vie
SpatialRepresentationType Vector
CreationDate 1998-01-01
Publication Date 1998-01-01

Metadata Source

  • ISO-19139 ISO-19139 Metadata