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Imagery showing flood areas over left bank of Mekong at Kratrie Province, Cambodia

Imagery showing flood areas over left bank of Mekong at Kratie Province, Cambodia

About this Dataset

Resource Type Dataset
Unique Code 5631
Resource Kind ImageDigital
Maintenance Frequency Unknown
Access Constraints License agreement required
Use Constraints Copyright
Price Category PriceCategory-000
Resource Format(s) BIL (ArcInfo BIL), ECW (ERMapper Compress), JPG (for quick view)
DataQualityStatement Cell size: 25 m., Geo-referencing: Polynomial geocoding to US Army topographic map 1:50,000. Resample mothod was cubic convolution using > 12 GCPs. Positional accuracy with RMS < 3 m. Data value type is unsigned 8 bit integer and coordinate type is EN. Image compression is 50%. Contrast stretch limits to actual.
ProcessDescription Sensor: RADARSAT 1, Acquisition mode is ScanSAR Narrow A, Scene Scene ceter: 13.31' N 106.43' E 1 band (Band C: 5.6 cm) Number of lines: 17551 and Number of cells/line: 16472 source agency: Inundation Mapping Project, MRC Secretariat distributed by RESTEC, Japan.
SpatialRepresentationType Grid
CreationDate 1999-10-08
Publication Date 1999-01-01

Metadata Source

  • ISO-19139 ISO-19139 Metadata