List of Primary Custodians

List of Primary Custodians (PCs)

MRC Secretariat shall be “Custodian of the MRC-IS” with duties as specified in the Procedures for Data and Information Exchange and Sharing. NMCs/Line Agencies of each riparian country, as the ones that initially collect, process, and store the data and information to be exchanged and shared under the Exchange and Sharing Procedures, shall be “Primary Custodians”.

List of Primary Custodians (PCs)of Cambodia, 2012

Ministry of Water Resources And Meteorology
1. Department of Hydrology and River Works
2. Department of Water Resources Management and Conservation
3. Department of Meteorology
Ministry of Tourism
1. Department of Planning and Development
Ministry of Rural Development
1. Department of Planning and Public Relation
Ministry of Mines and Energy
1. Department of Hydropower
Ministry of Planning
1. General Directorate of Planning (GDP)
2. Department of Planning
3. The National Institute of Statistics
Ministry of Agriculture Forestry And Fisheries
1. Forestry Administration
2. Agronomy and Agriculture and land Improvement
3. General Directorate of Agriculture
4. Department of Planning and Statistic
5. Fishery Administration
6. Department of Animal Health and Productions
Ministry Of Public Works And Transport
1. Department of Planning
Ministry of Environment
1. Department of Natural Protection and Conservation
2. Department Natural Assessment and Data Management
3. Department of Pollution Control
National Committee of Disaster Management

List of Primary Custodians (PCs)of LAO PDR, 2012

Ministry of Home Affair
1. Department of National Geography
2. Surveying and Mapping Centre
Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
1. Department of Meteorology and Hydrology
2. Department of Water Resources
3. Data and Information Natural Resources and Environment Centre
4. Department of Land Management
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
1. Department of Irrigation
2. Department of Forestry
3. Department of Livestock and Fishery
4. National Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute
5. Soil Survey and Land Classification Centre
Ministry of Energy and Mines
1. Department of Policy and Planning Energy
Ministry of Planning and Investment
1. National Statistics Centre
Ministry of Public Works and Transport
1. Waterway Administration Division

List of Primary Custodians (PCs)of Thailand

1. Community development Department (CDD)
2. Department of Environment Quality Promotion (DEQP)
3. Department of Ground Water (DGW)
4. Department of Highways (DH)
5. Department of Local Administration (DLA)
6. Department of Livestock Development (DLD)
7. Department of Mineral Resources (DMR)
8. Department of national Park, Wildlife and Plants (DNP)
9. Department of Agriculture (DOA)
10. Department of Agriculture Extension (DOAE)
11. Department of Fisheries (DoF)
12. Department of Provincial Administration (DPA)
13. Department of Public Works and Country Planning (DPWCP)
14. Department of Rural Roads (DRR)
15. Department of Water Resources (DWR)
16. Electricity Generation Authority of Thailand (EGAT)
17. Forestry Industrial Organization (FIO)
18. Land Development Department (LDD)
19. Marine Department (MD)
20. Ministry of Finance (MoF)
21. National Economic and Social Development Board (NESDB)
22. National Statistical Office (NSO)
23. Office of Agriculture Economics (OAE)
24. Office of Permanent Secretary of Ministry Of Interior (OPSMOI)
25. Pollution Control Department (PCD)
26. Royal Forest Department (RFD)
27. Royal Irrigation Department (RID)
28. Thai Meteorological Department (TMD)

List of Primary Custodians (PCs)of Vietnam, 2012

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
1. Southern Regional Hydro-Meteorological Centre
2. National Hydro Meteorological Services
3. Central Highland Regional Hydro-Meteorological Centre
4. Department of Geology and Minerals of Vietnam (Center for Information and Archives of Geology)
5. Department of Mapping and Surveys
6. Department of Environment
7. Department of climate change
8. Regional hydrometerology center for central highland
9. Hydrometeological data and information center
10. National center for hydrometeology forecasting
11. Center for data and information on environment
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
1. Southern Institute of Water Resource Planning
2. Sub-National Institute of Agricultural Planning and Projection
3. Forest Protection Department
4. Forest Inventory and Planning Institute
5. Department of Irrigation
6. National Fishery Administration
7. Aquaculture Research Institute No2
Ministry of Planning and Investment
1. General Statistics Office
Ministry of Science & Technology
1. Department for Quality Control
Ministry of Transportation
1. Vietnam Inland Waterway Administration
2. Vietnam Maritime Administration
3. Southern Department of VINAMARINE
Ministry of Industrial and Trade
1. Electricity of Vietnam