Land Cover Information Catalogue of the Lower Mekong Basin


The Land Cover Information Catalogue of LMB is based on the field data survey. The update land cover information will support MRC’s mission to promote and coordinate sustainable management and development of water and related resources for the mutual benefit of the Member Countries and the well-being of their people. It is also envisaged to promote and facilitate the exchange and sharing of data with Member Countries, line agencies and external users of MRC

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Land Cover Field Survey Data Collection in the Lower Mekong Basin

In the Land Cover Update 2010, it was decided to sample at 855 grids which are randomly distributed over the LMB; each grid covers a 3km ´3km area. Within each grid 15 points were selected for sampling (randomized cluster sampling). All 19 land cover types defined as shown in Table 1 were covered by the samples. This approach would have resulted in 12.825 samples for the whole LMB. However, the targeted sample size was reduced to 10,575 resulting in a total number of 9,357 samples really collected in the field.