MRC Data and Information Services Portal

MRC collects and manages a range of data and information with its Member Countries and other regional stakeholders.


MRC has developed and acquired a range of atlases of the Mekong Basin.

Information Services

Realtime information services for water level monitoring, water quality monitoring or fisheries information.

Hydrology & River Monitoring

MRC provides a real-time water level monitoring service where hydrological stations and there status are presented on maps.

Drought Monitoring

The spatial distrubution of drought relevant data is presented on maps.

Water Quality Monitoring

The current Water Quality Monitoring Network includes 48 permanent monitoring stations; of which 11 are in Lao PDR, 8 in Thailand, 19 in Cambodia and 10 in VietNam.

MRC Master Catalogue

MRC centralized database and gateway for data sharing and download.

MRC Procedure

MRC has developed and approved five procedures to ensure effectiveness, transparency and equitability of the 1995 Mekong Agreement Implementation towards a sustainable development of the Mekong Basin.

Virtual Mekong Basin

The Virtual Mekong Basin is a learning tool to enhance the knowledge and understanding of the Mekong River Basin, its physical properties, its environment and its people.

Climate Change and Adaptation

MRC works to better understand how people in the Mekong River Basin can adapt to a changing climate.

Flood Monitoring & Forecasting

Flood forecasts are linked with uncertainties. Follow this link to read more on the issue.


MRC manages a range of data and information including time-series data, spatial data and non-spatial data, which supports the MRC core functions, Member Countries, and other stakeholders. Using Google Maps, the MRC is developing a series of interactive maps to introduce selected MRC datasets in a user friendly way.

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