Groundwater Information in the Lower Mekong Basin

Groundwater is an important supplemental source of water supply for anthropogenic and natural demands. Groundwater monitoring and resource assessments have primarily been conducted in Thailand and Vietnam portions of the LMB and selected areas of Cambodia and Lao PDR – the principal gaps in monitoring are in the latter countries

Groundwater in a Global Perspective

Global Water Balance

• World Water Resources total is 1,388 million km3

• Only 2.5 % are fresh water with a total of 35 million km3

Freshwater Resources (70% frozen, 30 % liquid)

• Ice in form of Glaciers and Arctics about: 24 million km3

• Fresh groundwater and soil moisture: 10.5 million km3

• Lakes and Reservoirs: 0.1 million km3

• Wetlands and Rivers: 0.012 million km3

• Atmospheric water vapor: 0.010 million km3

The Mekong River Basin

• Mekong River: 450 km3 in 1 year

• Groundwater reserves in the Lower Mekong Basin 70 to 350 km3