Since the formation of the Mekong Committee in 1959, and following the 1995 "Mekong Agreement" between the governments of Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand and Viet Nam, MRC has actively developed and acquired a range of atlases of the Mekong River basin. These atlases cover a range of subjects, including socio-economics, the natural and physical environment, and culture. They provide information spanning many decades, from XXXX to the present and represent an extremely valuable source of information for researchers and the general public who are interested in the history and development of the basin.

In 200x, MRC began a project to scan in high resolution all atlases in storage in the MRC archives, with a aim to make them more accessible. In the Atlases section of the MRC Data and Inforamtion Services Portal, an Atlas viewer has been developed to enable potential users to browse the Atlases. Original high quality scanned versions are available for download from the MRC Master Catalogue of quality assured data and documents with metadata (link).

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