MRC Data User Account Types

The table below contains data user account types, including obligations and responsibilities. The user types are:

User Account Type Obligations and Responsibilities Example Data Use Licence
Internal Granted full access to all data and information available in the MRC Data Portal

Must respect the rights of the original data owner in relation to copyright, intellectual property and any specified confidentiality requirement, and acknowledge the source when appropriate on publication.
All bodies of the MRC (Council, Joint Committee, and Secretariat), NMCs and Line Agencies Not needed
Independent commercial Their use of the data and information shall be subject to a legally binding licence issued by the MRC Secretariat. This licence will be specific to the particular requirements of each situation and, among other things, may include:

  • permission to use from the original sources,
  • limitations on publication,
  • matters of intellectual property rights, and
  • fees and charges
A development company using MRC data to design a private commercial project Commercial
Data Use Licencedownload
Directly contracted Their obligations and responsibilities, including among other things, matters of copyright and intellectual property, will be specified by the terms of the standard contract of engagement. A consultant contracted by MRC Secretariat, or NMCs and Line Agencies Commercial
Data Use Licencedownload
Commercial users associated with MRC partners Use of data and information shall be governed by a license issued by MRC Secretariat. To ensure this, the MRCS will include appropriate provisions in partnership agreements. A consultant contracted by a MRC partnership organization for MRC purposes Commercial
Data Use Licencedownload
Research / academic or civil society The regular conventions of international copyright shall be applied to these users. The MRC Secretariat shall issue a license, in which conditions for use of data and information shall be specified, for these users. The release of data and information by the MRC Custodian must be in accordance with the Objectives and Principles of the Exchange and Sharing Procedures. Regional or internationally based universities conducting their own research on the Mekong Non-commercial Data Use Licencedownload
Public (other) The MRC, in line with established policies, will make appropriate data and information available to the public through various media. No special obligations and responsibilities apply to the general public other than those provided by any applicable laws. Others not included above No license applied