About the MRC Data and Information Services Portal

The MRC Data and Information Services Portal enables search, discovery, and download of data and information held by the MRC, which includes spatial data, time-series, non-spatial data, and technical documents.

The key feature of the Portal is the Master Catalogue, which enables users to search the MRC catalogue of quality assured data using keywords, geographic location, and time period. Datasets and dataset series contain descriptive information (metadata). After creating a valid user account, most electronic datasets can be added to a shopping cart and downloaded. Modest data fees are set to cover operational costs.

The Portal also provides an overview of some of MRC's databases and information services, atlases, interactive maps and multimedia. It also provides an overview of the MRC Toolbox that is used for modelling and development scenarios.

Quality Assurance and Metadata

Datasets and dataset series are quality assured before they are imported into the Master Catalogue. Datasets and dataset series will get a globally unique Global Individual Asset Identifier (GIAI) when they are added to the Master Catalogue. There is only one Master Catalogue; all datasets and data series which are stored outside of the Master Catalogue are copies.

Metadata of datasets and dataset series follows the ISO 19115/19139 standard, including ISO topic categories, data access and data usage criteria.



The Master Catalogue consists of:

Users interact with the Master Catalogue via a customised Geonetwork web interface; Master Catalogue administrators can interact via Geonetwork and the Middleware interfaces.